April 2021

The April Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald's? newsletter

Hello, everyone.

It is now April, which many call the beginning of the end of the first quarter of the year. And what an exciting quarter it has been. This week sees the publication of the 200th episode of my program Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s?, which is presented as a new installment of my sub-podcast This American Slice. I hope you enjoy it/have enjoyed it (depending on when you are reading this newsletter).

I am not one to rest on nostalgia, so the 200th episode milestone does not hold very much significance for me. But I believe this now makes Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s? the longest-running podcast/IJP in history (by episode count). Truly humbling.

I am working on some other projects about which you will hear much more this month. First is my new acoustic album of 100% original music called Another Slice of Brian Thompson. I am also in the final stages of development on my new board game PizzaQuest. And I am hoping to bring the original Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s? (the board game) back into print sometime later this year. Its publication has been victimized by some spurious copyright claims, but I am confident I will be able to “grease” enough “palms” to overcome this hurdle.

I am quite enthusiastic for this month of April and the months to follow. Hopefully widespread Covid-19 coronavirus vaccinations will make it possible to resume investigating at 100% capacity. There are several destinations around the world I would like to visit in pursuit of various leads. Not to reveal any “spoileys”, but I have reason to believe there is some evidence of early McDonald’s Pizza attempts buried deep under the topsoil of a certain American city near a salt lake.

As is now traditional, I would like to leave you with a recommendation for a particularly interesting YouTube.com channel. This one is created by a nice-seeming person named Diane C, who lives in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is sort of a “general interest” channel, but some of my favorite content is her numerous “hauls”. I am an opponent of consumerism for the most part, but I find these videos to be quite inspirational when it comes to deciding what I would like to purchase at various stores. In this video, Diane C reports on the items she purchased from Dollar Tree.