June 2021

Hello, everyone.

It is officially summer in the northern hemisphere (the hemisphere in which I live). I hope all of you are staying hydrated and wearing enough sunscreen. This is true no matter in which hemisphere you live and has nothing to do with the season. I just have a handwritten note in the June 1st square of my calendar that reads, “Remind people re: hydration/sunscreen”.

With that out of the way, please allow me to update you all on recent and near future developments regarding my investigation. (I do not have a reminder re: reminding you re: this on my calendar. I simply remembered to do so.)

If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s? YouTube channel. On said channel, you will see an announcement video for the video version of the Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s? podcast:

In case you are technically, morally, or spiritually unable to watch this video, I will tell you that it announces Friday, June 4th, as the premiere date for the video version of the Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s? podcast. This new program will be exactly the same as the existing program, only with visuals. If you choose to listen only to the audio version, you will not notice any change.

I am able to expand into the realm of visual media due to the leasing of a new Pizzaply Media headquarters in downtown Los Angeles’ iconic Library Tower (sometimes called the US Bank Tower). This facility will serve as a high-tech studio that will not only produce both the audio and video versions of Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s?, but will also produce new video “content” related to my investigation such as “man on the street” interviews, livestreams, and other material.

If you do not subscribe to the YouTube channel, there is absolutely no way in which you could consider yourself an informed citizen. With these new tools, I am certain that my investigation will enter a whole new realm of fruitfulness.

I have also overhauled the Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s? Patreon, which now offers multiple tiers at which you may financially support the program, with rewards including personalized video messages, merchandise, and journalistic credentials legally recognized in over 12 countries. If you are so inclined, why not browse the offerings here: https://www.patreon.com/pizzaatmcds

Finally, I am sure several readers of this newsletter are gardeners or are people interested in gardening. If so, I highly recommend the Sneeboer narrow head cultivator for aerating your soil. I am not being paid by the Sneeboer corporation to say this. I simply find that no other narrow head cultivator has as back-saving an ash handle, nor as adequate an anti-slip knob end. If you do not believe me, please watch this video:

Thank you all very much for reading and for supporting my investigation.

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